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Cancellation Policy

1. Product/Service Page:

Registration Charges, Admission Fees will be charged only after Online Interview, Online Submission of Application for course interested and submission of ID Proof, Address Proof and Proof of Qualification.

2. Refund:

As the registration Charges, Admission Fees is charged only after Online Interview, Submission of Online Application for the desired course, Submission of ID Proof, Address Proof and Proof of Qualification, the registration Charges, Admission Charges and fees once paid will not be refunded, adjusted, compensated, refunded or returned.

3. Cancellation Policy:

In case the Registration of Admission to the course is cancelled within 14 Days after confirmation, the Registration amount will be returned with deduction of 15% Government Service Tax. The payment of balance amount will be made using the same means of payments as used for initial transaction. The amount will be credited to the bank account within 15 Days after cancellation.

There will not be any cancellation or refund of fees after the student starts attending the classes.






















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